edit.ationwide Building Society, 250 Union Street in western end of the street.   It has won the Britain in Bloom Dompetition 10 times. Expedia.com will not only save you time, but also money when booking your stay at a hotel in Aberdeen. The current owners have begun pumping 40 years of rain water from the quarry with the aim of developing a heritage centre on the site. 46 Fishing was once the predominant industry, but was surpassed by deep-sea fisheries, which derived a great impetus from improved technologies throughout the 20th century. Girdleness Lighthouse stands close to the entry to Aberdeen Harbour and protects shipping from being wrecked on the rocky shore, since the wreck of a whaling vessel in 1813 Prior to the 1960s, Aberdeen had a suburban rail service but like many less-profitable routes in the UK, this was closed during the “leeching Axe” of the 1960s. Enjoy the site and discover the delights of touring and travelling around Aberdeen and the Grampian. This may be an option for travelling to the airport, but less convenient than the 727 bus for most travellers. There are plenty of trains, though the frequency is quite scattered, so consult a timetable or wow.national rail.co.Pk .

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Aberdeen.s.lso known as the Oil Capital of Europe due to the abundant supply of crude oil which is found in the North Sea. It also featured increasingly as a port for the shipment of goods around the coast of Britain and to the northern isles. Peterhead and Fraser burgh ports, alongside Aberdeen City, provide much of the employment in these sectors. 5 Agriculture – Aberdeenshire is rich in arable land, with an estimated 9,000 people employed in the sector, and is best known for rearing livestock. Named after one of the architects responsible for many of Aberdeen's distinctive granite buildings, this pub is located in a grand building that used to be a bank. The first of Aberdeen's shipyards began work in 1790, and they concentrated mostly on vessels to be based in and around the port. In Castle Street, a continuation eastwards of Union Street, is the new Town House, a very prominent landmark in Aberdeen, built between 1868 and 1873 to a design by Paddie and Kinnear. 58 Alexander Marshall Mackenzie 's extension to Marischal College on Broad Street, opened by King Edward VII in 1906, created the second largest granite building in the world after the Escorial, Madrid . 59 In addition to the many fine landmark buildings, Aberdeen has many prominent public statues, three of the most notable being William Wallace at the junction between Union Terrace and Rosemont Viaduct, Robert Burns on Union Terrace above Union Terrace Gardens, and Robert the Bruce holding aloft the charter he issued to the city in 1319 on Broad Street, outside Marischal College .